My springtime vibes

Spring has officially arrived here in Denver! As always, I find myself being obsessed with all things coral and teal (my two favorite spring time pairings) as well as wanting to make as many wreaths as humanly possible. I mean I LOVE to craft, obviously or I wouldn’t have made a blog, but I am in love with making wreaths.

Growing up my great-aunt Nini crafted so many different things, and I was always at her house observing, learning, and as I got older participating in the craft projects that she would start on. I remember making everything from American flags made out of beads and safety pins to making a snowman display from recycled aluminum cans, but my favorite things to watch and assist her in creating was wreaths. She always had such an ability to blend such different colors, decorations, and patterns to make the most beautiful creations. I was mesmerized.

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