Zesty-Mexi Chicky Burgers

Well it has definitely been more than a minute since I posted on here. I have been struggling within my job for a couple of months now, and it had definitely put a damper on my creativity and motivation to do some of the things that brought the most joy to my life. My job was very toxic, and when I was home and off work the very last thing I wanted to do was to sit in front of a computer like I had all day there. I would say at times I even felt defeated because it took the joy out of those things. Coming home after work I just wanted to relax and do nothing because being in such an unnatural sales environment for me was exhausting. One week ago today, I was discharged from the company, and at first I was devastated. Devastated at the fact that I had been fired from my first job out of college, and I didn’t have a backup plan. I didn’t have another job to go to after this one ended. I was pretty lost the first day or two because I just had no idea what I was going to do, but then I realized that I would never have to step a single toe back into the previous office I was in ever again. That was an exhilarating thought! Right then and there my whole attitude changed. Yes I am still uncertain and at times afraid, but I know that getting rid of something that only brought negativity to my life (even if not by my own doing) is better than the situation I was in.


Life is crazy and sometimes not what you hope or expect, but it’s a beautiful journey nonetheless. I just try keep my positivity (and sanity) as much as possible because I am human and sometimes I need to let myself get upset and cry out my frustrations, but I also have to keep that faith that things will get better because I am strong and I have the world’s best support system. I will never know what I did to deserve such a loving and gentle man than the one that I call mine. He is the rock of my life, and I am so grateful for every day that we spend together. On my darkest days he has done nothing but love and support me, and help me in my search to find a job that fits who and where I want to be at this point in my life. This post is dedicated to him (and his addiction to Mexican food haha). I love you, Guy!

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Tantalizing Turkey Meatloaf

So I must admit that I have been slacking on doing this post for the last week. I won’t make excuses but now it is time to for me to “quick slackin’ and make it happen” like my fabulous planner says! I received my new planner the other day, and I am so excited to have one again and this one is way too adorable. I’m a super freak when it comes to organization so of course I got the whole shebang and went out and bought a new 12 pack of felt tip pens too. But it has refocused and motivated me, and now I am ready to take this by storm! I hope you enjoy this recipe, and stay tuned this week for a DIY fresh orange sugar scrub I have been working on!

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