Thursday Thoughts


sunset and rocks


  1. I am so excited that Master Chef is back on. Some people are addicted to reality TV shows like the Kardashians or the Bachelor, but show me any type of food show and I am like a kid in a candy store. Master Chef is my FAVORITE food competition show of all time.
  2. Have you ever attempted a DIY furniture project? The hubs and I were talking yesterday about building our own dining room table versus buying one. I found a super cute farmhouse style table that I really love.
  3. These beef and cheese empanadas…. um GIMMEE.
  4. Hubby and I went strawberry pickin’ at a local farm earlier this week and had such a great time! I love supporting local businesses and farmers markets, and being able to pick our own strawberries was such a wonderful treat. Cannot wait for blueberry season!
  5. Speaking of blueberries, how scrumptious does this blueberry ice cream look? Give me all the drippy ice cream cones.
  6. Love this article on common goal setting mistakes to avoid. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”
  7. Part of the reason I wanted to create a blog was to have a neat place to organize my favorite recipes, and to allow myself to express creativity through my favorite outlet, which is cooking. Another reason, however, is to be able to have a journal for myself so that I can share my story not only with the world, but reflect on it as the years pass. This article about how sharing your story can change your life is perfect.
  8. I really want to go see the new X-Men movie. Have you seen it? I have read mixed reviews, but I am a sucker for a Marvel film so I am sure I’ll love it either way.
  9. Love this article on storm chasing tales. I’ve always been fascinated by photographs of twisters, though I would never chase one down myself. That just a bit too intense for my taste. But I will gladly appreciate the photographs of those crazy enough to do it.
  10. Counting down to the weekend for an impromptu beach day trip. What are your favorite things to do at the beach? I’m ready for some fresh sea food and boardwalkin’.

Brenna’s Ultimate Christmas Movie Lineup

I am obsessed with Christmas movies. For real… I remember growing up and watching The Grinch (the Jim Carrey version) during summer vacation just because it is that good. Anxiously awaiting the release of the “ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas” schedule, and never being disappointed that it’s pretty much a mash-up of the same movies over and over throughout the season.


So naturally, as I got older I had to build a Christmas movie collection of my own. I’m what some would call “a crazy Christmas lady”. Come the first of November I am already dragging out all of my ornaments, lights, and other decorations ready to put up the tree.

christmas meme

I wanted to share my love (ahem – obsession) for Christmas movies to share my ultimate “12 days of Christmas” movie list – in no specific order. These are my all time favorite Christmas movies, but please share your favorites in the comments below!

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Hello world!

Good evening, everyone!


I am so excited to be a part of the blogging community and to explore a dream that I have had for a very long time. You can expect to see various posts on this site varying from some of my favorite recipes, restaurant and product reviews, craft projects and products, and various homemade goodies that range from cleaning to beauty care products. Part of this blog is about exploration of new ideas and projects I haven’t tackled yet, and I am so excited to share this journey with you!


Soon you can expect some delicious new recipes I am experimenting with as well as some homemade crafts that I have been working on. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, recipes, projects and love with all of you!