My springtime vibes

Spring has officially arrived here in Denver! As always, I find myself being obsessed with all things coral and teal (my two favorite spring time pairings) as well as wanting to make as many wreaths as humanly possible. I mean I LOVE to craft, obviously or I wouldn’t have made a blog, but I am in love with making wreaths.

Growing up my great-aunt Nini crafted so many different things, and I was always at her house observing, learning, and as I got older participating in the craft projects that she would start on. I remember making everything from American flags made out of beads and safety pins to making a snowman display from recycled aluminum cans, but my favorite things to watch and assist her in creating was wreaths. She always had such an ability to blend such different colors, decorations, and patterns to make the most beautiful creations. I was mesmerized.

It wasn’t until I went to college and joined Alpha Chi Omega before I really embraced my love for crafting and its ability to allow me to express myself and realize my creative potential. Ask any sorority woman what her favorite memory of being active is and most likely you will hear, “when I got my big/little.” As I like to say it is like sorority christmas because you get adorned with handmade crafts, favorite treats like movies and candy, your first pairs of sorority letters and of course, your big/little sister! These are some of my fondest crafting memories. Spending countless hours (and sometimes dollars) on creating handmade gifts for someone that you truly care about is an amazing feeling when you finally get to see the look on their face when they see them for the first time. Before crafting for my own little sisters I had never completed the amount of craft projects I had during their big/little reveal week. Once I became a senior member of the chapter, and had not taken any additional little sisters (or planned to) I started to think of craft projects that I could do for myself since I had enjoyed crafting so much during that time, and my mind immediately went to wreaths.

The first wreath that I had ever created for myself was back in December 2013. Guy and I were living in our first apartment together, and since it was our first Christmas living together I wanted to make some decorations that we could have for a while and decided to make a Christmas wreath for our apartment door. Now I must say I was a little intimidated when I first started looking at making my own wreath (and even considered just buying one) because of all of the different options that you have when making a wreath. It was the first time I heard the term “deco-mesh” or saw a burlap wreath and was utterly confused. Thinking to myself what the hell is that fluffy shit and how do I make a wreath that looks like that?!? So… I decided I was going to do an evergreen wreath and almost make my wreath resemble a Christmas tree decorated with bulbs. I gathered all the materials I needed and once I started I couldn’t stop! Within hours of getting home not only was I working on making the wreath, but I was almost finished with it!!  You could say that in that moment, I realized one of my true passions in life.

Fast forward a year and a half later, and I have just finished my third homemade wreath! I now have a good selection for the winter holiday season, fall, and spring! Now I have included some pictures below of my newest addition to the collection, my spring wreath! I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to share this on here because it was my first time working with burlap ribbon and a wire wreath base, so I wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to turn out. Also, I didn’t take step by step pictures during the process to include as a tutorial, however, I used some great references while I was experimenting with this first wreath that I wanted to include with it for you until my next burlap project (I’ll actually remember to take the pictures next time haha!).

Photo Apr 14, 11 30 25 AM.jpg Photo Apr 14, 6 21 22 PM.jpgPhoto Apr 14, 6 40 11 PM.jpg Photo Apr 15, 9 27 13 AM.jpg Enjoy,


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